I’m Moving On, But Not Going Away

Not sure if others have experienced this but hosting my blog on WordPress wasn’t the best idea. Their hosting plans are pretty cheap but though their digital eco-system you are limited to their boundaries.

For that reason, I’m out.

I will be starting a new blog with the same content moving forward but the name will change. I should have done better research up front on domains and social media accounts before pulling the trigger.

The good news? I’ve learned about a couple amazing tools through this process and I’ll share them with you:

Bluehost – This domain hosting tool allows you to integrate with your Google accounts and transfer a WordPress content.

Namechk – This tool allows you to type a name into the search and it will tell you if that domain is available AND if the associated social media accounts are available.

If you’re starting your own blog and you want to monetize it or add affiliate links, steer clear of purchasing a WordPress.com hosting account as they lock you into a very limited ecosystem. I believe that a recent change allowed people to add plugins to their WordPress.com blogs where you could script in some Adsense or similar account but the ability to add plugins is sealed away behind their “business” paywall.

If you’re willing to wait for more easy frugal finance rules, hiking reports, travel tips, and my investment journey, please be patient. I’m working on getting the next iteration of this thing online as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading!


Cheap Flying – 15 June 2018

flowing waterfalls
Photo by Rudolf Kirchner on Pexels.com

One of the most dramatic deals going on these days in flights is Iceland Air‘s “Stopover” feature.


The idea is that if you’re traveling from the US to the EU on Iceland Air, you can stop in Iceland for a quick visit at no extra charge. No doubt, this is a bid to bolster tourism money in Iceland but with a huge benefit to the traveler.



The Why of FI

Right now I’m reading I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. And shortly into the book, Ramit brings up one of the most important aspects of PF. Why? Why aim to be rich or independently wealthy, or financially independent? This lines up with my previous post about having a clear sight picture.

If you don’t know why you want something, you probably won’t want it very much. Everything is easier and more desirable with a clear picture of the end result.

Today, coincidentally, I was also binging posts on Choose FI and came across the Why of FI post written by Ms. MoneyPenny. It talks about evaluating your current life and making a conscious choice to determine what you’d like to change.

This is the hardest part for me. I know that I must improve my finances so that my later years improve or so I can retire early but both results don’t appear clear in my mind. This might be due to current financial stability but surviving isn’t thriving. I enjoy starting something and watching it improve even incrementally.

Case in point, I love RPG’s. I like seeing a digital character improve through small steps until it’s the best character it can be.

I wonder…

Can the path be the goal? I suppose, like the end of my previous post…. we’ll see.

Weekly Links

Youtube Channel:

Matt D’Avella


I like this channel because the videos are well-lit and appropriately short (here’s a tip, if you’re watching an informational Youtube video and you can’t STAND how slow the person talks, click the gear icon on the video and change the speed to 1.5x, problem solved!). You may not be a fan of the minimalism movement but many of the tenets fall in line with those of the FIRE community. Some of the videos have very thought-provoking concepts. Give his short video series a look.

Individual Video:

Yosemite Backpacking Trip: How to Backpack Yosemite National Park


If you like to go backpacking, hiking, or camping, this video checks off all those items. My family loves this stuff and I believe our ideal future includes a LOT of outdoors activity whether FIRE’d or not.

PF Blog:

Millennial Revolution


I don’t agree with everything on their website but I love the attitude in their posts, the stories, and the travel advice. Their backgrounds gave these guys a leg up on the average person for reaching FIRE but the information there is still great!