We’ve moved over to:


Leericly will be the new home for all of the content you would have found here.

It took a long time to settle on a name and finally get the gumption (I love old words) to actually register. Behind the scenes, it also took a long time to navigate our new host’s website and link it here to WordPress so we can use their tools to run the blog. As we’ve noted before, the WordPress toolset is amazing but their business practices, not so much.

Now we have the freedom to run the blog as we see fit and load plugins and external content that would have been possible otherwise.

If you head over to Leericly right now (9 Feb 19) it’s probably blank or only has a handful of posts. Now that I have a dedicated home to write I can confidently post again knowing that my family has control over the page. Check back often and thanks for reading!