Having a Clear Sight Picture

No goal is possible without being able to clearly visualize it in your mind.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with that idea, these past few weeks. Since I learned about FIRE and Personal Finance I’ve been attracted to the idea of having money work for my family and spending more time experiencing life. Honestly, who hasn’t? Most wild dreams include large sums of money. It’s no surprise that FIRE is catching on.

One thing I’m struggling with is why am I working towards FIRE. I’d like to think that I would spend my days traveling the world with my wife in areas where cost of living is low and the dollar is strong. Or perhaps RV’ing around the U.S. exploring everything the country has to offer. Perhaps I would go to work at jobs that do nothing but make me happy.

But none of those ideas fill my head with a clear picture.

It’s kinda hard to imagine a future where a daily job isn’t required. Perhaps it’s because the idea of not having to actively work to earn money is such a foreign concept to most people. We preach working hard your whole life and showing up on time. We preach that you can either work for someone else or you can struggle to get a business off the ground and be rewarded with decent pay but in exchange for all of your time.

Moving forward I hope it becomes clear so I can have a purpose behind the action. For now I’ll settle for putting the money in the right places until the fog settles.