Hard-hitting Motivation

I spend a lot of my leisure time these days, reading Personal Finance (PF) blogs and one that I’m exploring pretty heavily is 1500 Days.

I was looking at his most-popular posts and one of them was simply titled “Enough.”

From there, I found a piece of motivational speech that shook me pretty hard. The thing is, it’s not a new idea or even a difficult concept to grasp. Here’s the quote by Mr. 1500 as he’s called on the site:

“I don’t have much fancy stuff, but I have more time. You can’t buy any more of that. Ever.”

That’s pretty heavy, right?

We can never buy more time. Maybe right now, time isn’t important to you because you’re having fun accumulating wealth or partying with your friends or anywhere in between on that spectrum. At some point this quote should shock you to your core. Have you ever heard of a person on their death bed wishing they had just made a little bit more money?

If you want to derive action from this quote, it might be earning enough money so that you DO have more time. More time with your family. More time not worrying about your future. More time enjoying the life you’re actually living now instead of continually dreaming for something marginally better.

I should probably take this advice too…