Current Strategy


I understand that there are split feelings on this service, but we’ve decided to invest with Betterment.

We threw $200 in there as a start and over a couple weeks, we’ve amassed a whopping $0.41. We’ve also developed a plan to meet a goal we’ve set through the service that will help us in retirement. My plan is to invest with them despite (not IN spite) what other popular blogs say about it.

We may be giving up control and paying higher fees with them vs. Vanguard or DIY solutions but I’m of the mindset “something is better than nothing.” And we never ventured into the investment realm before now (401K, TSP aside).

In addition, I’ve rebalanced my Traditional TSP to include the C Fund so that it’s not so heavy into Bonds (I intend to do a write up of TSP investing at a later date).

Why did our investment journey begin so late?

Just like most people, we’ve been focusing on getting through life comfortably. Comfortable is the ability to buy what you need when you need it. We denied ourselves very little but we also didn’t have super expensive habits or tastes. We took out a mortgage on a home a few years back and we both have loans on modern cars. We don’t have much credit card debt but our spending habits could definitely improve.

Our journey began when I learned about the FIRE community this year. We took the first step and signed up for Personal Capital to take a look at our finances…

If you haven’t done this yet, do it now!

Seriously, I’ll wait here. You NEED this service because it’s free and it does the work categorizing your expenses for you. It can help you track bad habits like daily coffee spending, monthly bills you forgot about (subscription boxes, anyone?), and how much you’re spending month to month.

Next I read JL Collins’, The Simple Path to Wealth which you can buy from Amazon, HERE.

The book teaches you about Index Funds which are funds that invest in the total index or every publicly-traded stock. This means that your investing is tied to the market instead of an individual stock. The stock market always goes up despite crashes (read: corrections) so it’s risky in the short term but a safe bet for the long term.

DISCLAIMER: So I probably should have posted this in the intro but you need to know that I am not a financial planner and hold no certifications or licenses related to personal finance. As such, use the information on this blog and any linked blog at your own risk. I can’t be held responsible if you read the info here, invest all of your money, and then lose it if the market declines or corrects. Be a responsible adult and do your own reading and make your own educated choices.

Thanks for reading!