We’ve moved over to:


Leericly will be the new home for all of the content you would have found here.

It took a long time to settle on a name and finally get the gumption (I love old words) to actually register. Behind the scenes, it also took a long time to navigate our new host’s website and link it here to WordPress so we can use their tools to run the blog. As we’ve noted before, the WordPress toolset is amazing but their business practices, not so much.

Now we have the freedom to run the blog as we see fit and load plugins and external content that would have been possible otherwise.

If you head over to Leericly right now (9 Feb 19) it’s probably blank or only has a handful of posts. Now that I have a dedicated home to write I can confidently post again knowing that my family has control over the page. Check back often and thanks for reading!


About This Hiatus

So we’ve been embarking on a journey to start a side business online using an eCommerce platform and social media. Our new blog will detail our journey and whether we had been successful or not. We’ve also been setting up our media networks to have a stronger online presence.

…and yes, we’ve still been contributing to Betterment and making smart choices. We’ll upload all of those details as well. Stay tuned, and thank you for patience.

I’m Moving On, But Not Going Away

Not sure if others have experienced this but hosting my blog on WordPress wasn’t the best idea. Their hosting plans are pretty cheap but though their digital eco-system you are limited to their boundaries.

For that reason, I’m out.

I will be starting a new blog with the same content moving forward but the name will change. I should have done better research up front on domains and social media accounts before pulling the trigger.

The good news? I’ve learned about a couple amazing tools through this process and I’ll share them with you:

Bluehost – This domain hosting tool allows you to integrate with your Google accounts and transfer a WordPress content.

Namechk – This tool allows you to type a name into the search and it will tell you if that domain is available AND if the associated social media accounts are available.

If you’re starting your own blog and you want to monetize it or add affiliate links, steer clear of purchasing a hosting account as they lock you into a very limited ecosystem. I believe that a recent change allowed people to add plugins to their blogs where you could script in some Adsense or similar account but the ability to add plugins is sealed away behind their “business” paywall.

If you’re willing to wait for more easy frugal finance rules, hiking reports, travel tips, and my investment journey, please be patient. I’m working on getting the next iteration of this thing online as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading!

Quick Social Media Update

I just discovered the bootstrapfire YouTube channel. It is NOT mine. It belongs to a person who specializes in making gaming videos.

If I’m going to establish a YouTube account in the future, I will title it appropriately and link it here. Please do not mistake the current YouTube channel as my content.

EDIT: After some further digging, I don’t own the associated Facebook account by the same name.

Thank you.

The Mid-Life Crisis

I believe I have figured out what is, and what causes the Mid-Life Crisis (MLC).

Financial experts all around the world agree that at, or around, age 40 that people begin to wake up financially and realize that they need to start investing so that they can retire without having to resort to cat food.

The crisis part comes in when people realize they wasted their youth spending money unconsciously and now have nothing to show for it. But wait Amn Duffle, isn’t it okay for people to have different life paths? And if so, is this really a crisis?

Yes and no, let me explain…

It’s not truly a crisis YET because the average 40 year old probably has a decent-paying job that can support his or her family and afford to live a fairly-comfortable American lifestyle. By this point the 40 year old has probably had a few promotions and feels at the top of his or her game at their job.

But, you see, at age 40 when people really begin investing, what they’re actually facing is the reality that they MUST work for the next 20 – 30ish years in the same hellish job just to break even in their shiny new retirement accounts. Instead of being able to retire and play golf like the media portrays, they are stuck working with failing bodies in jobs that are looking to replace them with fresher faces who will work cheaper.

THAT’s the crisis!

I’d imagine, it’s not easy coming to terms with a lifetime of bad choices and it’s pretty ironic that the most stereotypical thing we associate with the MLC is the acquisition of more debt in the form of a sports car. Maybe the person feels compelled to double-down on their behavior since changing seems futile… AND, they’re going to have to keep working anyways, so… might as well enjoy the time.